Talent Liberation

A fresh approach to talent strategy, focused on minimising risk and maximising opportunity. This is based on Maggi's PhD research and award winning book.

The approach is based on  four core talent principles:

Not just following a plan, but

emergent and responsive

Not just the 'high potentials' but

inclusive and collaborative

Not formal process but

climate and culture

Not just the organisation's needs but

personalised and flexible

From Talent Management to Talent Liberation

The approach uses the talent compass™ to map the whole talent system and ensure talent risks/opportunities are identified. This involves collecting data on organisational goals, short term talent supply, long term talent demand, alignment between organisational and individual needs, informal talent climate and formal talent processes.

The output is a bespoke plan that focuses effort on the risks and opportunities - the things that really matter to the business, creating a talent solution that is fit for purpose. A roadmap solution enables specific goals to be identified and tracked. For example, ‘internal first’, reducing recruitment costs and increasing engagement by more internal hires, ‘longer working life’, addressing a skills shortfall by shifting from 65% of people leaving at 60, to just 30%.

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Talent Compass Cards

A high quality set of cards with a challenging set of questions to guide you through the Talent Compass. These cards enable you to practically apply the five principles of talent liberation. An instruction card and a folding A4 Talent Compass are included in the set.

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