Executive Coaching

Helping clients to reduce the ‘noise’ around a situation so they can focus and act on key issues which will make a difference.

We work with clients to reduce the ‘noise’ around a situation so they can focus and act on key issues which will make a difference.  For individuals, this often involves understanding their underlying motivations and raising awareness of why they sometimes don’t deliver on things that they really want to do, so they can break any habits of ‘self-sabotage’ behaviour.  

Goal Setting

Coaching starts by exploring the goals, understanding what is currently working and what changes the individual wants to make. This includes capturing a vision of ‘what good looks like’. When appropriate, the goal setting is done in conjunction with the line manager. The initial goals shape the structure and focus of the coaching, and often evolve during the sessions as insight deepens and fresh issues or challenges emerge.

Coaching Sessions

We typically work on a programme of 6 coaching sessions set over 6 – 9 months. There is follow-up after each session to confirm the next steps and to share supporting material. Ad-hoc support is available between sessions, for example to support planning for a key meeting. Coaching sessions are normally a combination of in person and virtual.

Supplementary Tools

Many coaches value support or insight through the use of additional tools. These can help to uncover potential ‘blind spots’ about impact. The tools we offer include psychometrics, stakeholder 360 interviews and observation of ‘leadership in action’ at key events.

Review Meeting

Our coaching assignments end with a review. This involves exploring progress against the agreed goals, reflecting on the coaching process and what has been learnt. This may involve the line manager as a joint meeting if they have been involved in the initial goal setting.

Some of our amazing clients

What our clients say

Maggi supported me with executive coaching and advice which enabled me to become more effective in my leadership role during a period of change. I found the coaching an extremely positive experience that challenged my thinking with insightful questioning and relevant examples, and led to practical solutions that resulted in tangible improvements for my team. In fact, I found the process so beneficial that I asked Maggi to design a development programme for my whole management team, which they all enjoyed and continues to benefit the business. I would not hesitate to recommend Maggi to other business leaders who are seeking to understand and develop their leadership style and build more effective teams.

James Saralis, CEO of NAHL Group plc