The work we do is always tailored to the business need. We are curious to understand your business, so assignments typically start with a discovery phase, to explore your context and goals. We use this insight to create a ‘discussion document’ from which we co-create a solution. Our success comes from the brilliant relationships we have with our clients.

These relationships are based on five key principles:


Shared goals and an open relationship based on trust, delivery and clear accountability.


Working on skills, mindsets and environment to create sustainable behaviour change to drive the business forwards.


Clear, measurable goals and outputs to monitor business impact.


A structured programme with regular check-ins, open feedback and adjustments along the way.


Clarity about use of data, sharing of information and financial arrangements.

How we work

When you work with us, you can be confident that we bring high integrity and professionalism to everything we do.  Maggi and other consultants are all members of appropriate professional bodies and engage in regular CPD and supervision for their work.  We are proud that all of our work is through referrals – the best recommendation for what we do is delighted clients!