Recruitment Strategy

Applying a problem solving approach and looking for evidence to help you select the best people for the role - people who will perform and stay.

Improving recruitment is about applying a problem solving approach and looking for evidence.  We can help you to identify which roles to focus on, based on a review of the roles where you find it hard to recruit/retain people who perform well, or where there is a big difference in productivity between the highest and lowest performers.  

Once the roles have been identified, we work through four key steps: 

1. Capturing requirements

What does this role need to deliver for our business in the short and long term? What are the essential skills, capabilities and experiences? What will make the difference between the ‘OK’ and the ‘brilliant’ performer? What do we not want/need?

2. Assessing candidates

What activities can we do to assess candidates against these capabilities? How can we collect reliable evidence? What activities, work samples or psychometrics can provide valuable data? How can we use this evidence to predict performance in the role?

3. Taking action

Where can we find people who meet our criteria? How do we communicate and train leaders to run the new recruitment process? How can we onboard people to get them up and running as fast as possible? How can we communicate with unsuccessful candidates so they still think positively of their experience with us?

4. Refining approach

How can we evaluate our new approach? How do the new recruits perform compared with previous recruits? What is working and not working for managers, recruiters and candidates? Where can we make improvements?

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